Posted by: Laura | November 24, 2008

Adventures in a Japanese Garden, and the Grocery Store

Fujisan from the apartment

Fujisan from the apartment

I woke up (very early due to that fun thing called jet lag) to my first view of Mount Fuji (Fujisan) out the window of the apartment.  Amazing!  After unpacking a bit, Mandy suggested that we go see a Japanese Garden.  Sounded like a nice, slow paced way to begin my Tokyo experience, so after a quick nap for me, we went to meet Paul after school at Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens.

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens

Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens

Mandy explained to me the main points you will always find in a Japanese Garden. I know there was stepping stones, a high point, and I think 3 other things. I can’t remember the other ones right now, but they will be in the guide book she is writing.  I have learned I am the guinea pig for said guide book on this trip, which is cool because she is a great guide for things to begin with, so having a pre-organized guide by Mandy is just that much better.

Horai Island

Horai Island

I later looked at the back of the pamphlet they gave us at the entrance to the park, and, being the first place I visited during my stay in Japan, it seemed very fitting that the Garden’s Inauguration was on April 3, 1938, my birthday (many years before me, but still).

Anyways, from there we went to the grocery store, where I wish I had taken pictures of some of the stuff – I’ll just have to go back. I think one of the best things I saw was the Cantelope for 8,000 ¥ (which is the equivalent of about $80 – for ONE cantelope! Crazy!).

On from there is when we went back to the apartment and caught the fantastic sunset view of the city which I have already posted a picture of…  End of Day 1 in Japan…


  1. Eighty dollars for a cantaloupe?? Yeesh!

    The gardens look fabulous! 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to hear about it all when you get back 🙂

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